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Feel the Bass


Jonas will make an appearance 11 oct 2015 at the "Feel the Bass" event in Mannheim. This is German magazine Bass Professor annual Bass Event.

Lots of gear on display, performances and clinics. Jonas will play a mini concert at the end of the day, at 17:45. More info here:


German Solo dates

I am always grateful for the opportunities to explore music in a solo context.

Again a few festivals and clubs in Germany are giving me this privilege in November. 

The dates and venues are as follows

11.11. Leverkusen, Jazzfestival 

14.11.Northeim, Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Alte Brauerei

15.11. Aalen, Jazzfest

16.11. Saarbrücken  u2raum

I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends at these get-togethers.See you there, I hope.



UK dates with Steve Lawson

It is time to leave the house again, wow you kind of forget there is a world outside your front door. 
My friend Steve Lawson has invited me to share the stage with him for 3 nights in England beginning

of  next month, October. We will each do a few solo sets and possibly a few duets.

The cities and venues are as follows:

4th October Birmingham Tower of Song

5th October London The Vortex

6th October Leeds Left Bank

more info here:

jonas and steve


Festivals in Germany


Jonas Hellborg is taking his solo playing to two German festivals early November. Jonas entered a new phase in his solo bass playing in the last two years, finding new approaches and directions. This ever-evolving musical platform has been a mainstay through his entire career. Show up and enjoy in Ingolstadt and Aalen.


 Nov 6th - Ingolstädter Jazztage, Ingolstadt

 Nov7th - Aaalener Jazzfest, Aalen


Jostle On Tour


Jonas is getting ready for a small tour with Jostle:



27 August 2014        Szene Wien (Vienna), Hauffgasse 26, A-1110 Wien (Vienna)     

28 August.2014       Zoundhouse Dresden, Meschwitzstraße 6, 01099 Dresden

29 August.2014       PPC Hannover, Alter Flughafen 7a, 30179 Hannover



Jostle is Jonas Hellborg, Steve Bailey, Lee Sklar on basses and Chester Thompson on Drums.

Lee is busy playing with very famous people so for this little tour Jostle has the honor of being joined by the one and only Alphonso Johnson.

This is a fun group, it is not about big egos and flash.

It is about how can you make enjoyable music only using 3 bass guitars and a drumkit. Come check it out and let us know if they succeed.


Solo Concert in Finland






Keitele Jazz is the next venue for a Hellborg Solo Bass concert. Keitele is in the Northern Savonia region of Finland. A small town with a big Jazz Fest.

Slow by slow the Solo Bass project is picking up steam and is finding new directions after Jonas' reworking of the Silent Life. There should relatively soon be a new Solo Bass recording to document the new material developed during recent tours and concerts.





The Jazz Raj Story




The motivation behind the music on The Jazz Raj is not new for me. It has been a continuous process going back a decade or more. Just like Yehudi Menuhin was, I have always been deeply engaged in the two classical musics of the world, Indian and European. The two complement each other brilliantly.

One area where Indian Music is ahead is tonalities, scales or call them Rags or Ragas. Basically the tonal material you have accessible for you composition or improvisation.

In the west we are pretty much stuck with the diatonic scale of whole step whole step half step whole step whole step half step aka the Major Scale. Sure we start it on different intervals and call it different names, Phrygian Lydian e.t.c but it is still the same structure. Not in Indian Music. The tonalities of Indian music have all possible and seemingly impossible structures, but please do not think they are constructions, they are very natural sounding. My interest for a very long time has been to apply these tonalities to my western musical sensibilities in order to expand my vocabulary.

On a piece of music called Mirror on my record Icon I used a South Indian Raga called Kanakangi  as the tonal material, the scale notes are C, C#, D, F, F#, G, A.

One of the tonalities on the Jazz Raj is derived from the South Indian Rag Hatakambari. If played in C (on the Jazz Raj it appears in Ab) it would look like this: C, Db, E, F, G, A#, B. If you spend time with these kind of tonalities, form chords and harmonic relations within them. Explore the melodic possibilities both in Indian and western styles new musical dimensions evolve. You also start reflecting on unorthodox use of tonal material in western classical music in a new way, like Beethoven’s chromatic lines for instance suddenly appear in a new light. 

There are several different derived tonalities on the Jazz Raj. They are there because of the pleasurable sound they create. I will in some form present an explanation in the near future for those who have interest.

The rhythmical influence from India to the west is more widely known. Few people involved in music have been able to avoid percussionists and drummers singing takadimi with varying degrees of success. 

There is plenty of Indian rhythmical foundations on this record but we have integrated in a western approach. Of course mostly thanks to Ranjit Barot’s fabulous drumming. Ranjit is unique in that he is a western kit drummer with the entire Jazz and Rock vocabulary who at the same time is deeply rooted in the Indian rhythmic tradition. So again it is a synthesis of east and west that is no longer crude or apparent. It is a fusing of elements that enhances both musical worlds. 

There are two guitar players who have accompanied me on this east west journey through the years, the late great Shawn Lane and more recently (including on the Jazz Raj) Mattias IA Eklundh. I have always looked at the combination of Bass (guitar) and Guitar as one extended instrument, sort of like a Grand Piano, and Mattias (like Shawn before him) has been instrumental in implementing and developing these approaches in musical development through integration.

Musical Theory is like studying a map.

The journey however is taken in the real world.

The Jazz Raj was indeed real for the 3 of us and I do hope that it will take you on a journey as well.







New Album Releases



As many of you probably know already, Bardo Music recently released (not one but) two new Jonas Hellborg albums. 



  Close to seven years have been invested into the making of The Jazz Raj, by Jonas Hellborg's Art Metal trio including Swedish guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh and Indian drummer Ranjit Barot. It is described by Mr. Hellborg as his best record yet.

"That is a popular statement to make as you release a record. I do not think however that I have ever said that before and I don’t remember ever being so content about a record before. Particularly about my own playing on it." the Artist declared to Abstract Logix in an interview.


 The other album that's being released simultaneously is a solo bass record, The Silent Life (Solo Bass 1990). The purity of an acoustic instrument into a dynamic flow of rhapsodic stories turned the first issue of this album in 1990 into an instant sellout. The revisited and resequenced new issue includes some completely new takes of the same pieces, from the same live recording session back in 1990, rendered with nothing else but fingers, acoustic bass guitar and two faithfully realistic microphones.


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