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Malkovich Malkovich

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Jonas had a somewhat "Being John Malkovich" moment last weekend at the Neuwied Jazz Festival. The Festival has for a few decades used Hellborg's face as a sort of logo for itself.

Here Jonas really found himself everywhere! Wherever he turned was his own face on t shirt or poster.

The enthusiastic audience of roughly 800 dedicated music fans gave Jonas and fellow basist Marcus Miller a warm welcome.

One highlight that very few where fortunate to witness was an impromptu jam between Hellborg on Bass and Miller on the Bass Clarinet during soundcheck.



Neuwied Jazzfest Performance


Jonas Hellborg is going back to Neuwied Jazz Fest for a solo performance.

In the 80’s Jonas made such an impact at this festival that they kept his face as a logo for the festival since then.

The solo performances Jonas does have developed greatly over the last 2 years. He really is the original Solo bassist making his first bass only recording already in 1979. Come out to Neuwied and enjoy a very bass centric festival that features fellow bassists Marcus Miller, Lars Danielsson and Victor Bailey.



In the 90's Jonas ran a festival and an ensemble called Syzygy focusing on the integration of improvised music with classical and other composed music. The line up and size for these projects were shifting but the trio of Jonas with violinist Helena Gislen and cellist Mimi Sunnerstam was the most active. Here we catch them in a performance in the "Museum of Sketches" in Lund Sweden.


Concerts in Sweden


The upcoming week Jonas is playing two concerts in Sweden:

- on Thu. the 23rd of May at Mejeriet in Lund - he's playing a solo show and a set with guitarist Mattias "IA" Eklundh and drummer Kai Hahto;

- on Sat. the 25th of May he will be at the festival I Lasses Kvarter in Västerås, performing a one hour solo set.

Hope to see you there!

After-show edit: here's a clip from the concert in Lund, posted by youtube user Mr3isacrowd


Hellborg at London Bass Guitar Show

Jonas will play a 45 minutes set at the upcoming London Bass Guitar Show on Sunday 3rd of March at 1 o'clock PM. Since Mr. Hellborg doesn't play too often on the British Isles, this will be a rare chance for those of you in the London area who would like to hear his live solo music. Looking forward to seeing you there!

After-show edit: a fragment of this recital posted by user rosagy08 on youtube:



NAMM 2013


Jonas has just returned from NAMM where his latest design with Warwick was launched, the LWA 1000 Class D bass head. More details on this piece of equipment coming soon under "Instrument Designs". 

Of course there was no shortage of fun moments with so many quality bassists and basses around. Here's one of them:

Jonas Hellborg, Robert Trujillo and the bass of Jaco Pastorius


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