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Jonas Hellborg/ Keith LeBlanc Tour

The world turns around dual opposites, Ying/Yang, Male/Female, Positive/Negative.

As a musical unit the duet is particularly powerful as the music can circle around a focused core that in the best cases will deliver synergy as its output.

The duality always present in a concert is between performer and audience, between the Observer and the Observed. Little talked about but strongly felt in both failure and success is the influence of this relationship. The more you allow for this influence to guide you as a performer the greater the music. 

This project between Bassist Hellborg and Drummer LeBlanc is saturated in multiple dualities, internal and external, creating inner cores and outer spaces where music can flow as Sonic Art, Emotional Communication and be a Spiritual Meeting Place. 


sat 11/28 Szczecin (P) Free Blues Club

sun 11/29 Norderstedt (D) Music Star

mon 11/30 Hannover (D) Jazz Club Hannover

 tue 12/1 Munich (D) Bayerischer Hof

wed 12/2 Prague (CZ) AGHARTA

thu 12/3 Vienna(A) Reigen

fri 12/4 Völkermarkt (A) STEP

sat 12/5 Öblarn(A) ku:L

sun 12/6 Ried (A) KiK

If they play in your neighborhood, please come and join them in-between!


Feel the Bass


Jonas will make an appearance 11 oct 2015 at the "Feel the Bass" event in Mannheim. This is German magazine Bass Professor annual Bass Event.

Lots of gear on display, performances and clinics. Jonas will play a mini concert at the end of the day, at 17:45. More info here:


German Solo dates

I am always grateful for the opportunities to explore music in a solo context.

Again a few festivals and clubs in Germany are giving me this privilege in November. 

The dates and venues are as follows:

11.11. Leverkusen, Jazzfestival 

14.11.Northeim, Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Alte Brauerei

15.11. Aalen, Jazzfest

16.11. Saarbrücken  u2raum

I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends at these get-togethers.See you there, I hope.



UK dates with Steve Lawson

It is time to leave the house again, wow, you kind of forget there is a world outside your front door. 
My friend Steve Lawson has invited me to share the stage with him for 3 nights in England beginning

of  next month, October. We will each do a few solo sets and possibly a few duets.

The cities and venues are as follows:

4th October Birmingham Tower of Song

5th October London The Vortex

6th October Leeds Left Bank

more info here:

jonas and steve


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